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UpFront CFD/CAE Solutions for Mechanical Design

Engineers need to evaluate many concepts quickly and easily so need a real alternative to traditional physical testing. After extensive in-house evaluations UpFront Engineering Simulation is pleased to offer the following ‘UpFront’ CFD/CAE solutions for deployment within our client’s product development processes:

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks

Fast and Accurate CFD for a wide range of applications found within the Flow Control Industry. Delivered on the Desktop with affordable entry level configurations.

Discovery SpaceClaim

Breakthrough direct modelling delivers 3D to every engineer throughout the product development cycle. Discovery SpaceClaim’s goal is quite simple. Every engineer to work in 3D without having to be a CAD expert.

Discovery Live

Discovery Live provides instantaneous CAE simulation results, tightly coupled with the direct geometry modelling technology, enabling interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation.


Turbo-machinery design software where users can go from a design duty point to 3D geometry in a few minutes.

UpFront Engineering Simulation continues to provide support, services and additional licenses for: -

Autodesk CFD (Formerly CFdesign)

Autodesk® Simulation CFD software provides fast, accurate, and flexible fluid flow and thermal simulation tools to help you make great


Nastran FEA Solutions

A new approach to analysis and simulation. These powerful FEA solutions join 3D CAD model creation along with high accuracy, industry proven, award winning Nastran® solvers.

Product Support UpFront Engineering Simulation provides fully comprehensive technical support, training and implementation services for all of its CFD/CAE tools and solutions.

CFdesign Best Practices Is 80% of the business value delivered by the use of CFD associated with only 20% of the resources deployed, or time spent using simulation technology?

If this is the case, then perhaps you would benefit from learning more of ‘The 80:20 Criteria for the SUCCESSFUL Implementation of CFD/CAE within the Design Process’

Discovery Live®

Dsicovery Live


Autodesk CFD

AutoDesk® Simulation CFD®

Autodesk Nastran

AutoDesk® Nastran®

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks®