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Butterfly Valve

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks

Fast, Accurate and Affordable CFD for SolidWorks’

Embedded User Environment: Unlike most computational software, Simerics-MP can embed the Meshing, Pre-processor, Solver, and Post-processor into the SolidWorks environment. This approach shortens the learning curve and enables engineers and designers to perform parametric studies and solve problems easier and faster.

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks CFD Standard:

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks CFD Professional:

Fully embedded in SolidWorks Professional.

Simerics-MP for SolidWorks CFD Premium:

Simerics-MP can also be run standalone:

Simerics-MP can be used in Standalone mode or in combination with Discovery SpaceClaim.

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Dynamic Ball Valve

‘CFD Simulations of a flow through a Valve from within SolidWorks’

‘Centrifugal Pump model being set-up for CFD within SolidWorks’

CFD Simulations of a flow through a Valve from within SolidWorks