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Example Projects

UpFront Engineering Simulation is able to take any customer’s CAD model and use them to predict the performance of the device for fluid flow and/or thermal conditions. Examples of completed consulting projects: -

Valves/Flow Control

Flow and thermal mixing simulation of a shower “proportioning” valve.

Compressed air flow study of a diver’s regulator air valve.

Water flow study through an Ultrasound flow meter.

Cavitation reduction in a Globe valve by using fluid flow simulation.

CV determination by fluid flow simulations of a diaphragm valve.

Flow optimisation through a shower bottle trap drain.


Flow Simulation of a cylinder block liner

Coolant flow simulation of a cylinder head water manifold

Cooling airflow design study simulation of the engine compartment of a military vehicle.

Flow and thermal simulation of a water cooled beryllium reflector.


Flow study of a spiral flow heat exchanger concept.

Compressible flow and heat transfer study on a gas turbine thermocouple housing.

Two dimensional CFD study of the NACA 63-418 Airfoil section at various angles of attack.

External Aerodynamic of compressible flow over an aircraft antenna.

Flow and thermal study of a gyroscopically controlled signal receiver for a missile.

Coanda effect flows over a concept “flying saucer” surveillance platform.

Electronics Cooling

Flow study of a photocopier case ventilation system.

Heat transfer study of a “Drop-In” Isolator assembly.

Thermal study of a ship borne electronics enclosure with the inclusion of solar radiation loads.

Flow and Thermal validation study of an automotive fuse box.

Flow and thermal studies on a miniature digital camera assembly.

Conjugate heat transfer design simulation of complex electrical engineering assemblies.

LED heatsink thermal design simulations.

Rotating Machinery

Validation of CFdesign for predicting performance of a screw centrifugal impeller pump.

Simulation of a Water Bypass pump.

Performance simulation of a single stage, axially split, centrifugal pump.

Verification flow simulation of a Vertical Turbine Line-shaft Pump.

Power prediction simulation for water flow through a Francis turbine.

Flow Simulation through a small axial flow turbine.

Design Simulation of an axial flow water meter.

Other Applications

Compressible flow simulation of a fibre blowing adapter

Non-Newtonian polymer flow simulation of an extrusion die.

Compressible flow simulation of a Jet Pump for subsea installations.

Flow simulation of a circular ceiling mounted air conditioning unit.

Flow simulations of a spray paint system.

Bypass Pump Electronics Enclosure

‘Flow through a complex  HVAC assembly, optimizing throughput’

‘Environmental and operating performance assessment of a communications device’

‘Efficiency improvement design study within a regenerative pump’

Regenerative Pump HVAC application

‘Design goal - Reduce warm zones with refrigerator shelving.

Refrigerator Development