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Next Generation ‘UpFront CFD’ tools.

More and more of the early ‘UpFront CFD’ products have been absorbed into large software vendors whose focus is demonstrating to be very different from the original ‘UpFront’ vision.

For Engineering and Product Development companies worldwide, UpFront Engineering Simulation is pleased to be able to offer alternative ‘Cost effective UpFront CFD’ solutions that will ‘Impact Product Design Decisions’.

We believe this is fundamental if delivering the expected ‘Return on Investment’.

The next generation of ‘UpFront CFD’ tools have arrived with the integration of SpaceClaim and Simerics-MP:


‘Direct Modelling Mechanical Design Software

Fast, Accurate and Affordable     ‘CFD Solutions impacting product                   CFD Software’                               design decisions’


For more information on these new exciting technologies:

Discovery SpaceClaim




UpFront CFD Solutions starting investments from less than £5,000 available!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would be interested in ‘trying out’ these new ‘UpFront CFD’ solutions, why not attend one of our ‘hands-on’ based training courses detailed here:


Discovery SpaceClaim Training

Simerics-MP Training

For further information please contact us.

Valve Pressure Loss

‘Example of flow analysis through a Valve’

‘Thermal Simulation of a Heat Exchanger’

‘Pressure Rise through a Centrifugal Pump’

Discovery SpaceClaim Centrifugal Pump CFD Simulation of a Centrifugal Pump Discovery SpaceClaim Flow Volume Creation Heat Exchanger - Streamlines