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‘External Flow around a military vehicle’

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Every engineer deserves the power of Discovery

Discovery Live provides instantaneous simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modelling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation. It is an interactive experience in which you can manipulate geometry, materials and physics, and instantaneously see 3-D results.

Engineering at the Speed of Thought

Discovery Live is a true game changer in the decade long quest to democratise simulation and make it useful and relevant to every engineer. It is not only dramatically easier to use than most other simulation tools, but also performs simulation in near real-time! Discovery Live supports common structural, fluid, thermal, and modal simulation results concurrently as you iterate and design.

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‘Concept Bracket - Lattice Simulation’

‘Thermal Mixer Simulation’

External Flow around a military vehicle Concept Bracket - Lattice Simulation

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Discovery Live Air flow modelling around a cellular mast

‘Discovery Live Air flow modelling around a cellular mast’