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Digital Prototyping

Challenges Manufacturers are facing:

Cost Reduction

Global Competition

Regulatory Compliance

Product Complexity

Energy Efficiency

Warranty and Reliability

Safety and Security

Labour Utilization

Accurate and fast bids

Digital Prototyping

Enables customers to:

Reduce time to market

Optimize material costs and design features

Increase product quality and reduce defects

Reduce costly physical prototype testing

Provide collaboration amongst design, engineering and manufacturing

Increase product innovation

Provide a “virtual performance” product preview

Digital Prototyping gives conceptual design, engineering, and manufacturing departments the ability to virtually explore a complete product or factory model before it becomes real. With Digital Prototyping manufacturers can create, validate, optimize, and manage designs from the conceptual design phase through the manufacturing process.

Using a digital model throughout the design process helps manufacturing teams boost the level of communication with different stakeholders enabling them  to more quickly adapt to changing business requirements.

For further information on our Digital Prototyping solutions the please contact us.

Hard Facts:

1) 86% of new product ideas never make it to market

2) 50-70% of new product introductions fail

3) Almost half of development projects fail to meet objectives

4) Top 25% of companies achieve 2.5 times the performance of the bottom 25%

Reduce Costs Digital Prototyping