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‘Pressure Rise through a Centrifugal Pump using Simerics-MP’

‘Close-up of flow distribution through an impeller’

Centrifugal Pump Simulation CFturbo Output CFturbo Output

‘Examples of CFturbo User Interface and Geometrical’ output’

Cavitation Prediction

‘Advanced Cavitation Modelling and prediction’

Detailed Flow Simulation through an Impeller

‘Compressor Design using CFturbo’

Compressor Design

CFturbo® GmbH and Simerics® Inc

Integration of CFturbo and Simerics-MP®.

80/20 Engineering Limited  

On 24th October 2013 Simerics and CFturbo signed an agreement to develop and maintain interfaces between the Turbo-Machinery design software CFturbo and the Simerics virtual testing CFD tools Simerics-MP.

Since then there have been many enhancements to both software systems and the integration between them has just got better and better.

From Design point to 3D model to CFD  Simulation in a few minutes!

CFturbo is a modern, powerful software for interactive design of turbo-machinery. It's easy to use and enables the designer to either start from scratch or redesign existing geometries.

Design Fans, Blowers, Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Ventilators Volutes & Stators using established rules or adapt to suit your own empirical and experimental data.

Simerics-MP provide unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and numerical strength in simulating the heat transfer and fluid dynamics of complex systems.

Simerics-MP set-up and simulation times are typically an order of magnitude faster than other options on the market with no compromise in accuracy. The predictions consistently match physical hardware test results within experimental error.

About Simerics, Inc.
Simerics offers simulation tools for design/analysis engineers. These tools, Simerics MP, general purpose computational physics software, and PumpLinx, pump simulation software, can be extended and customized for specific applications.

The Simerics team is comprised of scientists and engineers who have been among the pioneers in the development and application of multipurpose computational physics since the early 1980’s. This knowledge and experience is combined with new advances in computational physics, computational geometry, and software engineering to provide our clients with the next generation of simulation tools.To learn more about Simerics, please visit

About CFturbo GmbH

CFturbo® GmbH, with its headquarters in Dresden, was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the CFDnetwork® Engineering, a successful CFD consulting company since 1993 offering the most powerful and user-friendly interactive turbo-machinery design platform on the market.

Simultaneously using the software CFturbo® in combination with commercial CAE software for ambitious consulting projects in the field of design and optimization of turbo-machinery.

The specialist excellence is based on the combination of IT technology and engineering. According to this their team consists of experienced CAE engineers and software developers.To learn more about CFturbo, please visit