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Autodesk® CFD Advanced Course

(Formerly CFdesign)

UpFront Engineering Simulation offers advanced and complementary courses to the Autodesk CFD Introductory Course. These may include:

Autodesk® CFD
custom training with your 3D CAD assembly
Bring your own model for custom training, with tips and tricks for best results. This also works as an extension of the introduction training with an extra day to focus on your own assembly. This is by default combined with any of the three course types below.

Autodesk® CFD
for Electronics Cooling
All aspects of electronics cooling simulations with Autodesk® CFD. Model setup, natural/forced convection, radiation and conjugate, component models, PCB calculator etc. (A brief introduction to electronics cooling is given in the introduction training.)

Advanced Module
In-depth look into the Advanced Module capabilities that your specific simulations require, meaning functionality such as scalar mixing, transient simulations, radiation and more.

Motion training gives the attendee a close look into various types of simulations containing moving solid geometry. These are for devices such as pumps, fans, control valves, mixers and much more. The moving geometry is not limited to just rotating, but can also include translating, nutating, free moving etc.


Attendance on the Autodesk CFD Introductory Course.

All our courses are available on and off-site, should this be of interest to you then please contact us

Compressor - Rotating Flow Electronics Cooling

‘Using CFD to predict electronics assembly casing temperatures’

All Training courses available on and off-site and are fully customisable’

‘Using CFD for guide vane positioning within a compressor housing with a rotating impeller’