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80/20 Engineering Events

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming training course highlights:



‘Fluid Machinery Workshop’ - 8th, 9th and 10th April 2019

80/20 Engineering would like to invite you to attend 1,2 or all 3 days should you have an interest in ‘Turbo-Machinery Design, CFD Performance Verification and/or  Simulating Positive Displacement machines’ featuring:

CFturbo / Simerics-Turbo / PumpLinx / Simerics-PD

8th April - Turbo-Machinery Design and Development

CFturbo / Simerics–Turbo (CFD)

Learn how to design a rotating device from a given duty point using automated design tools. (Pumps, Blowers, Fans, Compressors, Turbines)

9th April – Axial/Centrifugal Performance Validation (CFD)                Simerics-Turbo / PumpLinx

Learn how to verify the performance of rotating devices across a range of operating conditions using CFD.

10th April – Positive Displacement Machines (CFD)

PumpLinx / Simerics-PD / SCORG

Extend this CFD based knowledge to positive displacement motion using Simerics’ s state of the art and proprietary set-up templates, meshing and solver technology.

During this 1-3 day program we will teach attendees how to use 80/20 Engineering’s ‘Turbo-Machinery Design and CFD Fluid Machinery simulation’ solutions successfully.

CFturbo/Simerics-Turbo/Simerics-PD courses run on consecutive days

Next Generation ‘UpFront CFD’ - 16th - 17th April 2019

UpFront Engineering would like to invite you to attend our ‘UpFront CFD’ training Workshops featuring:

Discovery SpaceClaim / Simerics-MP for SolidWorks

Workshops– Tuesday - Wednesday - 16th - 17th April 2019

During these 1 day programs we teach how the CAD embedded ‘UpFront CFD’ solutions can impact your product development process.

The tutorials from applications including Flow Control, Heat Transfer, HVAC Systems, Refrigeration and External Flows will illustrate how to use ‘UpFront CFD’ simulation successfully.


‘Discovery Live - Instant Simulation Results’ - 24th - 25th April 2019

UpFront Engineering Simulation would like to invite you to attend our ‘UpFront CFD/FEA’ training seminar featuring:


Discovery SpaceClaim and Discovery Live

Wednesday - Thursday - 24th - 25th April 2019

During these 1 day programs we will teach attendees how to use ‘Discovery Live’ solutions to explore and innovate.

Attendees will be able to run real life application examples from Structural, Flow and Thermal applications and experience the impact of their design changes instantly.

The Discovery Live Seminars will include an introduction to Discovery SpaceClaim


These events will be delivered with a mixture of tutorials, live software demonstrations, Q&A and ‘hands-on’ sessions.

To attend any of these events, click this link: and send us your name, company, email and telephone number in your reply and we’ll send you further details.

CFD Simulation of a Centrifugal Pump A CFturbo Design Twin Screw Compressor Model set-up CFD Visualization for flow through a Valve Discovery Live CFD Simulation of a Valve being run from within SolidWorks